Mini-velo Custom Magazine [2014-12]

등록일 | 2014.12.22
Mini-velo Custom Magazine [2014-12]


The Next Level of the No Puncture Tire!

※ 일본 Mini-velo Custom Magazine 에 소개된 Aither 1.1에 대한 기사입니다.

Tannus Aither 1.1

There are no need for adjusting air pressures and worries for puncture.

This Polymer made tire which allows us to ride casually, has improved its comfort, along with new lines of colors.

The compound became softer and the rolling resistance dramatically became better compared to the former Aither 1.0.

It has now reached the same comfort level as pneumatic tires. For Mini-Velos, it has sizes between 16”~20”, and it is able to be fit in clincher type rims. For purchase and installation, please contact the retail stores mentioned on the website below.